About us Insolve Plus

Insolve Plus is a modern, dynamic, independent firm of licensed insolvency practitioners dedicated to providing corporate turnaround and rescue services to ailing businesses.

We provide directors of businesses facing financial difficulty with clear, positive, independent advice to achieve the best possible outcome for the stakeholders in that business.   This has previously been achieved through the use of formal and informal restructuring procedures, voluntary arrangements, the renegotiation of Crown debts and the procurement of rescue funding.  We pride ourselves on providing innovative, tailor made solutions in each individual situation.

Every assignment which we undertake is led and closely monitored by our experienced team of Directors who are in turn supported by our team of highly skilled and motivated staff.


Legal notice

Insolve Plus is a trading style of Insolve Plus Ltd

Insolve Plus Ltd in incorporated in England and Wales no. 08640857

Registered Office: Allan House, 10 John Princes Street, London W1G 0AH

A list of members names is open to inspection at the registered office.


Insolvency Licence Holders

When acting as Administrators or Administrative Receivers our executives act as agents for the relevant company and do so without personal liability.

Complaints Procedure

If a party is not satisfied with any work undertaken by Insolve Plus Limited or its directors or staff they should set out in writing the nature of the complaint and address this to the relevant insolvency practitioner concerned.  A copy of the complaints policy will be made available on request.  If you are not satisfied with any issues relating to an insolvency practitioner's regulated work, then you may, at any stage of your complaint, contact the Insolvency Service at https://www.gov.uk/complain-about-insolvency-practitioner.  A complainant is encouraged by the Insolvency Service to seek to resolve the complaint with the relevant Insolvency Practitioner prior to submitting a complaint to the Complaints Gateway.