Access to Finance

Insolve Plus offer independent advice and access to numerous different types of business finance.  Through our knowledge of the finance market we can help businesses gain access to finance that meets their needs. 

The following types of finance are examples of the most common types of business finance however we have access to many more through numerous lenders.

Invoice Finance & Factoring

A form of finance where a company can release its working capital tied up in its debtor ledger.  Companies usually give a credit period where the buyer pays the invoice after a certain amount of days.  Invoice finance releases the capital tied up on day one of the invoice being issued rather than having to wait for the credit period to end before receiving payment form the debtor.  This helps clients pay their suppliers and wages and puts capital into the business.

Single Invoice Finance

Single invoice finance is similar to invoice finance & factoring but rather than financing a whole debtor ledger, it gives clients the opportunity to finance invoices on an ad-hoc basis and allows them to select which ones they wish to raise capital against.  There is also no on-going commitment to carry on financing invoices.  This is ideal for seasonality of businesses or to raise capital to pay a bill or wages.

Asset finance

Giving the ability for clients to raise funding against hard asset and pay back over a pre agreed period.  Clients can add capital into a business by financing assets such as plant and machinery, vehicles and stock.  The assets must already be owned by the company.

Business loans (Inc crowd funding, platform funding and online funding)

Adding capital straight into a business at the bottom line allowing for expansion or to pay outstanding bills, business loans are paid back at a pre agreed schedule.  Affordability of the loan is key but it is a useful tool for a quick cash injection.

Distressed Finance

Clients in troubled financial situations can sometimes gain access to numerous different types of finance.  However it is recommended that insolvency advice coupled with finance is taken to ensure future security of the business.

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